Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Letter to My Daughter

My Sweet Abby Joy,

FOUR years old!  Wow!!  Where has the time gone?!  I still remember the day we brought you home from the hospital like it was yesterday.  We were so very thankful...and scared to death!!

You have changed from that tiny, frail little baby to a vivacious, energetic preschooler!  A lover of Frozen, princesses, Chloe, and your family (especially your momma!), your zest for life is so evident.

  Your laugh is contagious--your big belly laugh is my favorite!  I can usually get you to break out with it when I tickle your trach hole!

I love watching you when you are playing with Caleb.  Your love for each other is so pure and beautiful.  Your face lights up when you see him.

Abs, you're facing a lot right now.  You'll be having surgery #8 in two weeks, and then at least 2 more by the end of the summer.  I know these are hard on you, but through it all you stay so positive and upbeat.  You are such an inspiration, Ladybug.

As you grow, I truly hope that you recognize the importance of your scars and aren't ashamed of them.  You see, every scar tells a story--a story of God's faithfulness.  He has been with us every step of the way:  through every surgery, through every appointment, through every hard day, through every celebration.  Your scars will allow you to tell others about everything God has done in your life.  Make the most of those opportunities!

I love you, Abby. You are one incredible little girl and I am proud to be your Momma.

Mommy-o :)

Monday, October 20, 2014

Name That Fungus!

Update!!  Thanks to Linda, I now not only know that this fungus is called Corn Smut, but it is also considered a delicacy in Mexico!  Very interesting, but I don't think I'll be adding any to my quesadilla.
We found this in the corn maze.

While I do kinda like this picture, I'm a little weirded out by it.  See the corn cob popping out at the top?!  Weird.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

My New Favorite Appliance

This pretty lady is all mine now, thanks to a great find on the online yard sale!  I have been wanting one for a while, but wasn't willing to shell out the money.  This is in perfect condition and was less than half price!  Yippy!!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Review of Never Ever Give Up by Erik Rees

Jessie Rees was only 11 when she passed away from brain cancer, but many don't make the kind impact in 80 years that she made in 11.  After Jessie was diagnosed with DIPG, an inoperable type of brain cancer, she noticed that a lot of the kids in the hospital looked sad and she wanted to help.  From that compassion, Joy Jars were born!  Jessie started the NEGU Foundation, standing for Never Ever Give Up.  This foundation gave out Joy Jars to kids in the hospital, hoping to put a smile on their faces.  Jessie just wanted to make a difference; she continually thought of others, even as she lost her fight with cancer.

This book was so inspiring to me!  I was just amazed at not only Jessie's positive attitude, but that of her family!  Her whole extended family rallied around her during her fight, some even flying in from another state so that they could be with her.  Everyone focused on what they could do to help others and spread a little joy, because that's what Jessie wanted.  Even in her death, her family and friends celebrated her life and spread joy.

Family Dinner

This past weekend, the bea-u-ti-ful Emily came to visit!  We had a great time!

After Abby and I picked up Emily at the airport, we came back to our house and got things ready for a family dinner that evening.  My dad recently had a birthday, and we also wanted to get everyone together to see Emily again too.

The kids all love Emily!!  Lucy especially bonded with her.  She is everybody's buddy, but there is most definitely a special connection between Abby and Emily that can't be ignored.  <3 p="">

Wednesday, October 15, 2014